What’s the best way to tape up broken eyeglasses?

I broke my plastic framed eyeglasses in half the other day (on accident of course), and I only have tape to bind them together.

I’m getting a new pair on Saturday, but I’m pretty much blind without them so saying “Just ditch ’em” won’t work in my case.

So far the tape has been working alright, but I can’t figure out how to get it to stay, so that I don’t have to keep re-upping the amount every hour or so.

Any suggestions?

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  • Flying Dragon
    1 month ago

    I assume you busted them at the place where they cross your nose. If they are fairly heavy frames and dark enough that it won’t show, you can try this. First, clean any grease/oil off the frames, get it squeeky clean. Then, get some duct tape (you also might be able to use the clear tape that has the fiberglass strings in it). Lay a strip of this tape so it sticks all along the back side of the frames. Trim it so there is about 1/8 inch beyond the top of the frames, then fold it over and stick it to the top of the frame. Then, take an Exacto knife or a single edge razor blade and carefully cut away the extra tape right at the edge of the lenses (be careful not to scratch the lenses). Then trim it so it extends beyond the place where your nose fits about 1/8 inch. Fold the extra tape around torwards the front of the frame. (You will need to make a few small cuts here so it will fold without wrinkling). Finally, you will need some clear packing tape. Cut a strip about 6 inches long and about 3/8 inch wide. This you will wrap around the center part where they cross your nose. You only need about 3 – 4 turns, then snip off the extra tape. The duct or string tape keeps the 2 halves from separating; the final wrapping with packing tape keeps the two halves in allignment and keeps the duct tape from coming loose from the heat of your nose.

    I fixed plastic frame glasses this way and it lasted about a month.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    maximum human beings have tape obtainable, while looking an eyeglass restoration equipment won’t be as uncomplicated, or going to get new glasses could be too high priced. p.s. If it strikes and that’s not meant to, duct tape it. If it does not circulate and that’s meant to, wd40 it. (the secret to each little thing)

  • Eric
    1 month ago

    Super glue!

    Don’t do it yourself though! Take your broken frame to an Optical shop and ask them if they have any ideas.

    Normally, we’re pretty savvy in the broken frames department, and sometimes we have some better solutions like shrink wrapping (less visible than tape).

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