What’s the AR code for Pokemon White shiny eggs?

I have beaten the pokedex legit and want to hatch some shiny starter pokemon for fun and to share with friends.

What’s the Pal Uk/aus code to get eggs to hatch as shiny pokemon. They need to be traded over wifi so that mark box cheat won’t do the job.

I’m new to AR but all the codes I’ve found don’t work for me.

2 Answers

  • Spiffy
    8 days ago

    If you’re worried about a non-legit Pokemon not being able to be traded over Wi-Fi, don’t, I’ve traded plenty of obvious hacks to people without incident. This code should make all hatched and wild Pokemon shiny:

    Wild Pokemon are Shiny

    521A96F0 1C221C39 E2002200 00000028 4C08B57E 88248865 08ED4065 F1A7B40F 1C06FD9F 40410401 428D0CC9 D1F5BC0F BD7E1C30 0224F95C 021A96F4 FD84F658 D0000000 00000000

  • In O’Brien We Trust
    8 days ago


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