What’s something fun to do early in the morning with friends?

So, me and my friends wanna wake up early tomorrow and do something fun….

Like a jog. but we’ve already done that a few times.

And no bike rides. We’ve down that as well.

Thanks! (:


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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    What my friends and I usually do early in the morning is run outside and jump into the pool (LoL if you have a pool this is really fun to do) and also another thing to do is just start baking random things, search for recipes online (fun things to bake are pop rocks, cookies, whatever but cooking breakfast is boring so my friends and I always cook stuff like this, also making ice cream sundays are AWESOME in the morning) and also, instead of going on jogs and bike rides, what about outdoor games? Play games such as capture the flag, or whatever is your favorite outdoor game (sardines is fun) and also it depends how early. If were talking 5 in the morning or something and it’s dark, MAN HUNT is most definitely suggested. It’s really fun, either inside or outside. Well, that’s all I got really : I hope this helps!

  • Vballin2717
    10 hours ago

    It all depends where u live Google some things in Ur town some places have sight seeing and tours but u can also find free things to do try to do something u have never done before

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    Any dogs you can walk? Go grab some smoothies? Bake something? Make a yummy breakfast

  • Sally D
    10 hours ago

    walks or bike around the neighborhood. i also like going to a movie with my firends sometimes in the mornings or you could just sit on your deck and hang, have a cup of coffee or w/e you like to drink/eat.

  • Steve L
    10 hours ago

    Find a forest trail and explore.

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