What words are easier for Parakeets to learn?

I’ve had a parakeet for about 2-3 yrs now (her name is Echo) I what to teach her how to say something like: I’m Echo or hello/goodnight I know that the best way to teach parakeets words is by repetition, but I was wondering if certain words are easier for parakeets to say then others!? Like is saying hi easier then saying hello? Please let me know so I can decide what I want her to say!

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  • Alex
    8 days ago

    Hello. Bye Bye. Pretty bird, Etc. Stuff like that, easier words. You just have to stick with it and keep consistent on trying to teach it words.

  • Tonnia
    8 days ago

    Parakeets (depending on the species, I’m assuming yours is a budgie) are particularly good learners; they can learn many words as long as they are easy for them to say. Budgies are really good at prounouncing “itty” sounding words, so “pretty” will be an easy word for your bird. If you want your bird to learn faster, try saying things in a routinely manner instead of randomly repeating them. For example, when you first see the bird in the morning, say “good morning” and the same goes for “goodnight.” When you give your bird a treat, say “Good bird” and when you are petting him say “Pretty bird.” That way they know what it is they are doing, and that it must have been a good thing. Good luck.

  • Gerry Roush
    8 days ago

    pretty bird,pretty bird

    i know words with the letter K are good ones

  • January
    8 days ago

    Things like: Pretty boy, I love you, etc.

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