what was presumed dangerous of zeus?why?

i need it for my project ss.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I assume that you mean the Greek god Zeus:

    Firstly he was the king of the gods, therefore considered to be the highest god or most feared

    secondly he was the god of the over world (all landmass)

    third he controlled storms, most particularly thunderstorm (he liked to hurl lightning)

    fourth he caused a flood on the world (very similar to the noah story, though much older) in which the world was very sinful (for lack of a better term) and needed to be wiped clean.

  • Jack P
    1 month ago

    Zeus opposed giving fire to humans. Prometheus gave it to them anyway and Zeus’ punishment ought to give you a fair summary why Zeuz was a bad one to cross.

  • Lucy
    6 days ago


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