what type of dog was maize in marmaduke?

3 Answers

  • Dignity of a Dane
    1 month ago

    Maisy was an Australian Shepherd. Blue merle is the name of the color.

    According to reviews she’s a mutt? Saw the movie twice. She’s very much an Aussie. Lol, this is the problem with “It looks like a pit” BSL.

  • James
    1 month ago

    Was that the dog with hair, lol.

    I believe it was a austrailian shepard

    I changed my answer when I saw the first answer lol

    Dammit my first answer was a mix breed which answer 3 had.

    My answer is now officially an austrailian shepard mix. Their ya go HA HA

  • Bonzie12
    1 month ago

    according to the movie reviews, she is a mixed breed dog.

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