What sticker can you take off of a hockey helmet?

I have a CSA and a HECC stickers on my 6K helemet I was wondering what sticker you can take off of the helmet. I know if you take one off your helmet is no longer certified.. this is what I’m trying to avoid.

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  • Lubers25
    1 month ago

    Hockey Canada requires that the CSA sticker remain on the helmet. USA Hockey does not require the HECC stickers to be visible. If you are playing in Canada, you are permitted to remove the HECC sticker but not the CSA. If you are playing in the US, you are permitted to remove both.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Hockey Helmet Stickers

    1 month ago

    I am a level 4 official in Ontario and they only sticker that hockey Canada enforces is CSA. As for HECC sticker, not enforced on the ice. Now for warranty purposes, that I don’t know!


  • apbh133
    1 month ago

    Usually if your helmet is something like: NikeBauer, Reebok, or CCM…Referee’s know that they are legal. But if i were you i would just keep them on. If you really don’t want them on there just take them off carefully, and put them in a bag just in case a ref says your helmet isn’t certified, but most refs don’t go around checking helmets.

  • bcs_dunn44
    1 month ago

    i always took all of them off haha oops

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