What movie or sitcom is the phrase “The Hell you say” used. It’s a female, if memory serves.?

I’m pretty sure it was 10 hours ago or more…but can’t remember.

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  • fredgarvin
    1 month ago

    I remember first hearing that phrase in the movie “Cocktail”, with Tom Cruise, about 20 years ago, and I laughed at how stupid it sounded. And I’m laughing now about how dumb that movie is in the first place, and why in hell I was watching it, and why in hell I still watch that part when they show it on TV.

    The father of the chick that Tom got up the duff yelled “The hell you say! The hell you say!” when Tom said that he wanted to marry her and take care of the baby, because Tom was just a lowly Manhattan bartender.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The Shawshank Redemption, O Brother Where Art Thou and This Boy’s Life. Married With Children in the episode “Guess who’s Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” (1995)

  • ?
    5 days ago

    The Hell You Say

  • tuco
    1 month ago

    i remember kelly bundy saying it on an episode with married with children, i forget the set up but her neighbor Marcy was stating the obvious about her streak of bad luck with guys or something it wasn’t a regular catchphrase on the show

  • J
    4 days ago

    Sweet Home Alabama

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