What language is this: ” chetori dadash”?

I am curious whether it is persian, farsi, etc..not sure if those are even similar or what..but also a good free online translation link would be cool. 🙂 I sure hope it isn’t a curse word. LOL!


Thanks, Honeybun!

Thanks, Honeybun!

Update 2:

thank you acco and all. very helpful. 🙂

thank you acco and all. very helpful. 🙂

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    As the lady above me stated, is farsi or Persian.

    And it means, what’s up bro.

    But do you know the answer to that?!

    It’s: Nokarram!

    When translated to English, it won’t mean right but any how it means: I’m your servant!!

    I know, it sounds ridiculous in English!! But remember it’s all slang!

  • christina
    5 days ago

    The language spoken by Ancient Egyptians changed a bit over time. Basically, the Egyptian language came from the languages spoken to the east of Egypt, Semitic languages like Hebrew, and languages spoken to the south, Hamitic languages like Somali. The words in this language are mostly made up of consonant sounds, unlike the vowel sounds we use today in English. Old Egyptian is the language that scientists believe was being spoken at the time when the pyramids were built. Middle Egyptian came a bit later and has been found on many recently discovered business and government documents. Coptic is the last known stage of the Ancient Egyptian language. It used a lot of the Greek alphabet, with only a few additional letters from the older Egyptian languages. Coptic was mainly used by the Egyptian Christians toward the end of the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Now they speak in Arabic, not to be mistaken with Farsi though. Hieroglyphs is the written language during the ancient times.

  • source
    1 month ago

    this word is used in some islamic countries like iran ,persia

    bt cant find the meaning

  • erfan
    5 days ago

    It’s Persian.It’s means:how are you brother?

  • honeybun
    1 month ago

    it is Persian which is also called Farsi. and it means:” how is it going bro?” or ” sup bro?”

  • bp9770
    1 month ago

    i can parapharase it in this way

    how are you pal?

    or how are you doing comrade?

  • marwan
    4 days ago


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