What kind of body type do I have with these measurements? 33-25-36?

I have a 33″ bust (34B bra) and a 25″ waist and 36″ hip and the widest part.

My waist to hip ratio is .06944

I’m not a banana figure (too many curves for that) or an apple figure (I dont have stomach fat, I have athletic, muscular legs however)

So far I’m thinking pear or hourglass, but I need help! Any ideas on what kind of figure I am? Because I need to find a way to dress that flatters my figure, that’s the only reason that I want to know what kind of body type I am.

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    You’ve got yourself a pretty classic pear shape there – full, round hips, but comparatively small breasts.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    I have to ask the question are you sue your bra fits well. If your bra size is correct your bust would be 36 inches and not 33. But of course this depends on the bra, manufacture. I know everyone is saying that your a pear but your hip and bust aren’t to different. You might want to wear a push up or a add cup bra. Or you could tone your legs to slim them down.

    All in all i’m sure you have a great figure.

    To make sure your bra is working fits well look at these two videos.

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