What is work ethic? Do citizens lack a work ethic…?

Do citizens lack a work ethic or are they workaholics? Does a strong work ethic make us better people or is it a value rooted in material.


Just an fyi this is not homework.

Just an fyi this is not homework.

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  • sophieb
    1 month ago

    work ethic is a person taking responsibility to do the best they can on the job, in their own life, in their married life for their wife and children, in their church, in their community, to their relatives, to be the best they can be.

    Work ethic also means taking work seriously, caring about the product (work product, paper product, sales or whatever), not wasting time, starting work promptly, not being away from your work for chatting (unless it’s work related), arriving on time, not taking days off unless you’re truly ill, and working up to the last minute of your work day to “help the employer succeed” because his success means your success. So yes it does make you a valuable person because then you get promoted (and not a promotion in word only) and get good references to further your own career, but that means loyalty to the employer so that when they succeed then you succeed as well.

  • 1 month ago

    Some people are workaholics, some totally lack a work ethic and have a sense of entitlement, a lot depends on how they were raised, though not entirely because there are children who rebel against that, and how motivated they are to get what they want. People would be happier in the long run if they find a healthy balance. Working two or three jobs to afford luxuries is work-a-holic and may be an excuse to neglect family duties.

    And I have to agree with Mrs. Minerva, the people who do the work here in the US work hard. I have heard some from other countries say that their jobs were not as hard as the ones we have here, especially the jobs with benefits.

  • Ms. Minerva
    1 month ago

    No, citizens do not lack a work ethic. Citizens in the USA work like dogs and pay more taxes than you can imagine.

    Who lacks the work ethic in our country is all our politicians, and nearly 99 percent of all our government workers.

  • ♥Dee W.
    1 month ago

    A person with work eithics is a person who needs to be a workaholic in order to achieve the highest pay scale & title. A person doesn’t need to be nice to get to the top. They just need to make it look like they aren’t hurting anyone to get there. It’s not an easy feat. I happen to think it’s easier to own & operate your own business & not have these “ethics” to worry about. You still need to pay your taxes & get your business licenses. Those who don’t are unethical & their businesses don’t last very long!

  • CO the Old Dog
    1 month ago

    I believe that “work ethic’ is related to survival. Both a willingness do work and the knowledge that a safety net does not exists. It was something I was taught by my grandparents & parents. We worked to survive since the concepts of welfare & assistance were not in my family’s vocabulary. Unemployment payments did not exist – no work, no pay…Social Security did not exist for my late grandfather in his late yrs since he never worked for a company. He only worked as a nonskilled worker all his life. Neither of my grandmothers received any SS and only our family members provided for her. In other countries around the world, only a handful have the luxury of “old age” assistance and it is much less than what is provided in the USA.

    I believe that I have had a strong work ethic since I could never depend on living with my parents who barely could provide for themselves. I had worked all my life up until I retired. Now I work for free in my volunteer work since i enjoy being productive. I did not factor in SS as my sole means of survival during retirement since there has been suspicion of its demise since the 1980s. I am self sufficient up to a point.

  • Julie
    1 month ago

    To me work ethic is showing up on time each day, doing the best work you are capable of doing and being totally reliable to the company for whom you work.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    the work ethic is a to deal with life and a way of life

    to live under God……….requires that a convert do God’s work on earth ….which is his work

    to live.. de vine is to work

    and one can approach……… the proper life by putting mind,body , and soul in to ones work

    to not do proper work is a sin

  • Mariana Straits
    1 month ago

    I have found that tourists think we are “working fools”.

    “How can anyone be happy about working at a hamburger stand”?

    Seems there is an employment snobbery that evades yanks.

    Food and shelter are our material wants.

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