What is the tattoo laws in portugal?

Im 14 and i want a tattoo, but im not sure what the law for getting 1 done is in portugal…

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  • Teresa
    1 month ago

    You have to be 18 or 16 with your parents consent.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    If my nice with the same age did it why not you!? She had a lot of problems with my brother. The shop want say no.

    Since a long time all those tattoo shops are compulsory to have disposable material. The fiscals are on the top of them. Nobody accepts to do it without looking at the material coming out of the sterilised bags. They also have to inform you about the consequences and than you make a decision.

    There was a hell of a polemic about that for some time.

    Most of those shops are located at Bairro-Alto quarter in Lisbon.

    Most of them do not ask for parents declarations. Thats the truth we like it or not.

    Anyway they do it proper.

  • Veronica Alicia
    1 month ago

    Try to be patient for another year or two, when you will be a couple of years closer to the legal age of 18.

    Your tastes in designs will probably change in that time and remember that once it has been done, you are stuck with it unless you want to attempt to have it removed very painfully with laser.

  • Robert R
    1 month ago

    must be 18.

    some artists do minors if parents are present and sign a declaration but not all

  • 1878
    1 month ago

    I think if you look old enough then they will do it.

    I don’t agree but thats how it will be.

  • MIG
    1 month ago

    if you get one you have to keep it.

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