what is the square foot of a mobile home that is “14 by 70 “with 3bedrooms, 2 baths, living room and kitchen

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  • Sammy
    1 month ago

    in a room like that height is most important. i’d look up cubic foot

  • white1827
    1 month ago

    14 X 70 = 980 square feet.

    Whatever it is, don’t do it. Mobile homes are almost always a terrible deal. Unless you are paying a couple grand for it, it’s not worth doing. You will have a very difficult time selling it, if it is even sellable at all when you want to move.

  • Mike M.
    1 month ago

    The rooms don’t matter, you just multiply the length by the width. That 70′ length includes the tongue of the trailer, though, so you have to take off the length for that, so the square feet of actual living space is more like 65’x14, or about 910 square feet of living space. Regards, Mike

  • windgate
    7 days ago

    Also the 14 feet is probably more like 12 and a half to 13 feet. That is probably the out side measurements. Then there is a few inches insulation, then the inside wall board. So that is not livable space.

    So Mike M is closer to the real size of living space.

  • nappa
    1 month ago

    the sg. footage is 980 you get that by multiplying the width by the length, the only rooms not included in sq. footage is a basement and garage

  • ppe
    1 month ago

    980 square feet

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