What is the next bra size after 38D?

around me fits fine.. so would i go up to a DD or would it be E? lol i am so confused! the number 38 is good it fits around me well its just the cup size thats too small so what comes after D? is it DD or E? lol i should know this since i am a female but i dont lol

any other girls hate having big boobs?

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  • Jacky
    1 month ago

    I’m a 36C and I love mine..but I see how anything bigger may make you alittle self conscious..

    Look at it this way..ALOT of women nowadays and spending around 10grand just to have your breast size! Embrace your luckiness and your extra 10 grand 🙂

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think its DD not too sure how this runs! Your going to have to look in stores whats next after 38D!

    1 month ago

    The proper way to measure bra size is: the number is the measurement around your chest cavity directly under the breast. The cup size is the mass of the breast..

    The employees at lingerie stores are trained to properly fit bras.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    DD i hate them but the guys love them

  • ~MaRyGrAcE~
    1 month ago

    DD… I have learned to deal with it… but they get in the way of everything! lol! Guys like ’em so i’m good….

  • ♥KayRa♥
    1 month ago

    i am a 38D/38DD. depemding on the bra,.. I HATE it, but my bf LOVES them.. but yes i hate them..

    the next size is DD….

  • Kacey D
    1 month ago

    Double D. Embrace your curves girl

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