What is the name “Sana” mean in Japanese?

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  • exquisitegyal
    2 decades ago

    This is a possiblity:

    Sana – The “Sa” is short for Sangatsu in Japanese means March and the “na” for Nanoka means the number seven.

    Apparently she was born on March 7.

  • madchriscross
    2 decades ago

    Hi, I can speak a little Japanese. This isn’t anything like the names I have heard many of which are easy to get to a meaning. There are sites where you can find Chinese names. Japanese family names are written in Chinese ideograms but usually with native Japanese readings. If you know how to write it then in Japanese (Chinese characters) you can uncover the meaning.

    If this is not a family name but a person’s first name, it could be anything and doesn’t need to have any special meaning. This is especially true with nontraditional names that could be taken from some western name that sounds good in Japanese.

  • _
    2 decades ago

    Probably this, if it’s a first name rather than a family name;

    真実 【しんじつ(P); さな; さね】 (adj-na,adv,n) truth; reality.

    真実 can also be pronounced as either Shinjitsu or Sane. But the parents are the ones who decide the pronunciation of the name…!

  • sniper
    2 decades ago

    the untied states!

  • famakaz
    2 decades ago

    i dont know wat it means in japanese but in urdu it means appreciation , praise

    all the best

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