What is the MPG INST on the DIC of the Chevrolet Cobalt for?

I was going tthrough the DIC on my dash and found the MPG INST. I was just wondering what it means.

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  • Howard L
    1 month ago

    The miles per gallon at that instant instead of the average which is the other mileage display. It’s useful to teach you how to accelerate if you’re interested in getting better mileage. You might see it showing just a few miles per gallon while accelerating with the gas pedal down or 15 or more accelerating gently. It might show 60 or more MPG coasting downhill. You can watch it change as you push or release the gas pedal.

  • nyback
    4 days ago

    2010 Chevy Hhr Mpg

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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