what is the meaning of “I won’t bother you further”?

sounds like a dumb question but what does this mean exactly…..

Does it mean like I won’t bother you in the future…or I won’t bother your anymore (meaning they probably had already bothered them) or is it unspecified?

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  • d_r_siva
    3 days ago

    I will not annoy, or disturb you anymore.


  • ?
    3 days ago

    It may also mean, now that I am aware I’ve bothered you, I won’t do it again.

  • busterwasmycat
    3 days ago

    further has a distance idea to it, and conversations are looked at as trips or journeys in a sense, they progress, move from thought to thought or comment to comment, so the (no) further is used to mean “this conversation stops here”. Note that even the word “here” has the idea of a place, not a time.

    I suppose it is a metaphorical concept, if you want to be strict about it, but it is so common to talk about processes as roads being traveled that calling it metaphorical would be misleading. Start here, move along until you end up over there. There is no physical movement involved but we sure do talk about things as if there was.

  • ?
    3 days ago

    It depends on the context.

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Don’t expect to hear from them again. Unless they are flogging PPI claims.

  • Simpson G.
    3 days ago

    If it’s in a personal setting, it means they won’t be contacting you any more.

  • yet-knish!
    3 days ago

    The second one.

  • TicToc….
    3 days ago

    I take it as a true statement. When someone says that they mean it.

    That being said, don’t expect that person to come calling.

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