What is the meaning of Hindi word “Meherbaani”?

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  • Priyam B
    1 month ago

    Meherbaani could mean ‘courtesy’ or ‘kindness’ in polite terms.

    It could also mean ‘a favor’ which is said more rudely. as in “aap koi meherbaani kar rahe ho ham par, yaha baithe baithe???”

    meaning “Are you doing some favor on us, by just sitting there?”

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • omlick
    1 month ago

    it can also mean “kindness” Usually used for being polite when requesting something or expressing thanks. (it is an Urdu word and may not be used by all Hindi speakers.)

  • Kutty_21
    1 month ago

    literal meaning -COURTESY

    for Ex. aap ki meherbaani

    mean -with your courtesy (help)

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