what is the meaning of (GLX ) written on cars?

4 Answers

  • ixoye706
    2 decades ago

    it is the trim level on a car. it lets other people know how nice the car is. some people can tell what features it has just by looking at the badge. its a form of marketing. i think it was on a VW right?

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    GLX or GL, SE etc. are model designations. They don’t really mean too much except that they represent a trim package on the car (A GLX may have an upgraded engine, nicer cloth and a better stereo etc.)

  • chriscarloans
    2 decades ago

    The car you refer to used to be the Good Little Car hence the term GLC mazda dropped the c added the X as desgination for a particular model of that car

  • nate
    2 decades ago

    GL normally means non-turbo and X is the body style

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