what is the maximum weight a 125cc motorcycle will take ?

i am quite heavy and i was wondering weather there is a max weight or the bike will only go slower please help

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    I have seen a 125cc motorcycle tolerate a 25 stone (158KG/ 350 pound) man. You have to appreciate the extra wear and tear that a high rider weight will do to a motorcycle like that. It will do it, but not for very long.

    If you’re talking about purchasing a 125cc I would recommend against it and consider a 600cc+ motorcycle. If you’re doing a test on a 125cc motorcycle, just appreciate that you will have an effect on the braking and acceleration as well as the handling.

    Good luck!

    PS Weather = climate related. “whether” = as in “wondering whether there is a max weight…”.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    the respond needs to be performed with a query, what do you propose on doing with the bike? if it is going to be an in-city use purely at low velocity, then sure it’s going to be waiting to go you. (in all possibility not very rapid). this could be a 4-stroke bike, so it ought to have extra torque, yet I nevertheless think of you would be exceeding the obstacles of what the bike can take care of. you’re extra helpful off finding at a 250cc engine a minimum of in case you propose on using any swifter than 40 5 mph, as I doubt a one hundred twenty five cc will do plenty extra desirable than that wearing 3 hundred lbs.

  • Tight Squeeze
    1 month ago

    All vehicles have a Max Gross Vehicle Weight. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_vehicle_weight_…

    For boats, it’s obvious what happens when it’s overloaded, as it takes water over the side, and doesn’t steer very well. With a bike, the suspension is less plyable, doesn’t steer well, and won’t accelerate. The compromised safety is exacerbated with an increase in speed.

  • eagledoc1949
    1 month ago

    175 max

  • ?
    1 month ago

    not more than 14stone.

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