What is the largest turkey I can deep fry in my 30 quart pot?

I am deep frying a turkey for a holiday party and I forgot what my limits are in regards to the size of the bird. Some sites have said I should only deep fry a turkey at 12 pounds; however, last year I think I deep fried up to 16 pounds.

The deep fryer is comparable to this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item…

Thanks for the help!

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  • Kevin G
    1 month ago

    It all depends upon the diameter of the pot. I have a few varieties of pots all in the 30-40 quart range. My 40 quart is tall with maybe an 18-20″ diamter, this works well when doing a 12-14 lb turkey as it helps reduce the amount of oil I need, since the pot is narrow it helps displaced the oil to cover the bird, but I can’t really fit anything bigger than maybe a 15 lb bird as it will touch on all sides as I put it in the pot, so I use my 30 quart that has a 26-28 diameter that can actually do up to a 22-24 lb turkey with no problem. If what you have is the Bayou Classic Turkey fryer combo, then I think you can do up to a 16-18 lb turkey, just make sure the bird in thawed state doesn’t touch all side of the pot when inserted and you should be fine.

  • rubright
    5 days ago

    30 Quart Pot

  • Dave B.
    1 month ago

    Last year, I deep fried a 22lb. bird in a standard, off the shelf turkey fryer.

    Just be carful to turn off the flame before dunking the turkey.

  • Jeff
    5 days ago

    I have a 27.90 lbs turkey how big dozes the fryer have to be?

  • Kay La
    1 month ago


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