What is the kind of dog in the frontline plus commercial?

Here is the link:


The is shaggy, beige colored, and large. He is not a bearded collie or old english sheepdog. I was thinking it’s a mix between a wheaten terrier and briard? But what do I know, any help?

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  • Skipper
    1 month ago

    Berger Picard.

  • Erika
    5 days ago

    Frontline Commercial

  • B!nd!
    1 month ago

    Im pretty sure I know the dog in question- he is actually in a number of ads- his owner rescues strays from the pound, and trains them up- she has a number of dogs that are used in ads, but he is the most popular.

    He is a Briard mix, but they dont know with what.

    I read an article in a magazine about the owner, she was talking about how she trains up dogs to act, and several of her dogs were pictured, including this sweetie.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It looks like a Berger Picard to me, but it could easily be a mixed breed of some kind.

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