What is the english translation of the tagalog sentence pinaasa/pinapaasa niya ako?

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  • tj12735
    1 month ago

    There is a difference between pina-asa and painapa-asa with pagbibigay pag-asa. Pagbibigay pag-asa means “to give hope” while pina-paasa is

    pinapaasa niya ako

    [S]he is fooling me.

    [S]he is tricking me.

    [S]he is deceiving me.

    [S]he is ripping me off.

    [S]he is playing me.

  • mike ramos
    7 days ago

    pinaasa lang ako

  • Rose
    7 days ago

    pinapaasa mo lang ako

  • Ran
    5 days ago

    leading on

  • dexspino
    6 days ago

    false hope

  • ?
    1 month ago

    she/he is giving me hope.

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