What is the easiest college math course?

What is the easiest college math course?

Out of the following, which math course is easiest? I am not great a math but need it to complete my degree. I am registering for my remaining classes today, which should I choose?

College Algebra

Finite Math


Statistics I

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  • NotAnyoneYouKnow
    1 month ago

    If your school’s mathematics curriculum is typical of most schools, the answer is most definitely “college algebra”, which isn’t much more than high school algebra at a faster pace.

    College algebra focuses on things like polynomials, radicals, factoring, linear equations, quadratic equations, and logarithms.

    Finite mathematics is the biggest wildcard from school to school, but it often applies mathematical concepts to “real wold” problems.

    Pre-calculus focuses almost exclusively on functions – matters of domain, range, translation, reflection, etc. The material may not be all that much different than some of the same topical coverage in college algebra, but it’s generally assumed that college algebra registrants are getting their math requirements out of the way, while pre-calculus students are looking for a more advanced preparation for the calculus sequence.

    Statistics is an entirely different bird, altogether, and the one that you should absolutely take if you have thoughts of majoring in any science. The math in statistics is actually quite simple – but statistics is a conceptual course that requires you to understand “why” more than “how”.

    I hope that helped.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Easy Course In College

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    From my own experience, I would rate it as follow (easiest to hardest)

    1. College Algebra

    2. Pre-Calc

    3. Stats

    4. Finite Math

    College Algebra is sometimes a pre-requisite to Pre-calc classes, so it is by far the easiest ‘foundational’ course. I would reccommend it if you are looking for an easy credit.

  • ?
    5 days ago


  • mila
    1 month ago

    Most likely, college algebra is what they call pre-pre-calc. Pre-calc is definately easier than finite math, and stats is very different….a lot of social science majors require stats.

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