What is the difference between assigned free board and statutory freeboard?

In regards to the maritime industry. Help would be much appreciated

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  • Bung 2
    8 days ago

    Statutory freeboard is determined at the ship’s design stage by agreement between the owners, shipbuilder and the classification society. The classification society makes the load line rules and has the final say.

    Under certain conditions the classification society may relax the rule and allow an assigned freeboard, allowing the loading of the vessel to a deeper draft. This commonly occurs when a vessel carries a deck cargo of timber. It is considered that a timber deck cargo increases the buoyancy of the ship and thus permits a freeboard of less than the statutory one. The difference between the two is obviously a linear dimension, feet or metres, but one cannot be quoted as it will vary from ship to ship.

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    5 days ago

    Freeboard Definition

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    4 days ago

    Define Freeboard

  • Sai bala Subrahmanyam
    4 days ago

    freeboard. the height of the ships side that is above the waterline; statutory freeboard is the vertical distance measured from the upper edge of the assigned deck line to the upper edge of the load line; this calculated height governs the maximum quantity of cargo a ship can legally take.

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