What is the difference between a swimsuit and wetsuit?

Any difference in speed when you are wearing it and swimming?

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  • Abby06
    1 month ago

    Wetsuits are extremely heavy and cover a large portion of the body. Swim suits are sleeker and lighter. For speed a swim suit is best, it helps to keep you more streamlined. There are swim suits that are wetsuit styles, in that they cover more of the body. I have heard that they do make a difference, but in my experience, a lot of that is psychological.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Wetsuit Swimsuit

  • Marsnandes
    1 month ago

    A swimsuit is just what the name says, a suit for swimming! 🙂

    A wetsuit on the other hand is designed to insulate your body and keep you warm in cold water, kind of like a whale’s layer of blubber. You often see scuba divers and surfers in wetsuits, not swim suits.

    Recently, competitive swimmers have started to wear full body suits that often look like wetsuits. I dont know if a full body suit would be any faster than a regular suit, it might just be a matter of preference of the swimmer.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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