what is the difference between a participle and a gerund?

I’m homeschooled and was having difficulties with the lesson on Partciples and Gerunds..can someone help pleaaaseeee…Also the difference between infinative phrases and prepositional phrases……and I really don’t understand this question…

10. Carmen enjoys learning about different cultures in South America.

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a) participle used as an adjective

b) gerund used as a direct object

c) infinitive used as an adverb

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  • steele
    1 month ago


    A participle acts as an adjective, while a gerund acts as a noun.

  • Rosamund G
    1 month ago

    “Learning about”: when you study other languages you will quickly see this is what she enjoys, it is another way of saying “study of”, or many other nouns such as “research” or “knowledge” and being a what it is a noun. B) is the answer. A gerund as stated is a verb combination that can be used as a noun. For instance “Touring around”, “speaking among” etc etc.

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