What is the difference between a cr 80 and a cr 85 ?

Is there a hight difference Becouse my bro wants to get a CRf 150r and I have a cr 80 will it kick my ***

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    The cr80 is an old bike and they stopped making them around 2003 and then the cr85 came into production. So the cr80 is an old bike. Bikes get tired over time and things wear that most people don’t even think about on a bike. Things like bearings may never be serviced in an old bike and they slowly loose speed as things are not fresh. The cr85 can run with the crf150r but much depends on the track and the riders ability. The crf150r is a much nicer bike although slightly heavier and it is also easier to ride well. The seat height between all three bikes is basically the same with only a tiny difference not even worth mentioning.

    If your brother is any good on a bike then with a newer crf150r he should be able to beat you.

  • Bedouin
    10 hours ago

    Your question asks about a cr80 versus a cr85 then asks about a cr80 versus a crf150r so it is a bit confusing as to exactly which bikes you want compared.

    If it is a cr80 versus a crf150r there is a lot of difference. The crf150 has a lot more power and engine torque along with better suspension so if both riders are of equal ability and can ride the wheels off the cr80 then the rider on the 150 will be faster. It isn’t all about the bike; the riders ability to get the bike working right, to ride it really well, also has a part to play on who would be fastest.

    Sounds like a bit of rivalry between you two; that is good but respect each others ability too…

  • John R
    10 hours ago

    The difference between a CR80 and a CR85? It is 5cc’s.

    Is there a height difference between a CRF150 and a CR 80? Yes.

    Will it kick your @ss? Probably since you do not know the difference between bikes or there heights.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    Bit of misleading information on here. A good rider on the CR80 will slap a good rider on the 150R. I’ve owned both (02 CR80R expert and 08 CRF150R) and while the 150R is easier to learn on and if you’re just learning you’ll be quicker on the four stroke at the start, but a good rider on both bikes, the 150 won’t keep up.

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