What Is The “Blue Gemstone” on “Resident Evil” For?

and i mean the orginal resident evil i have the remake on gamecube and im wondering what the blue gemstone is for, it look’s like a “blue diamond” so what is that for?


and please no links just tell me what it is for

and please no links just tell me what it is for

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  • Ben-Jammin’
    1 month ago

    The blue gemstone and the yellow gemstones are to be placed in a statue of a lions head. The statue can be found on the first floor of the mansion. Enter the dining room from the lobby and go towards the door on the other side. When you go through that door, turn right and enter the first door on the left side of the hall. In that room you’ll see a hallway and if you walk a little further, you see another shorter hallway. At the end of the hall is a door that leads to the statue room. The blue gemstone gives you either shotgun shells or an MO Disc. The Disc is necessary for the best ending possible in the game.

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