What is the best way to pack a pleated skirt so the pleats dont get messed up?

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  • saebag
    1 month ago

    put it in a plastic dry cleaner bag and roll it tightly. The plastic helps the fabric “slide” against itself rather than get “stuck” against itself and take on a set as if it were ironed.

    I do this with suits all the time. They come through the trauma of being in a suitcase better than without the bag.

  • shortnsweet
    1 month ago

    pack with lots of tissue paper, especially between the pleats. and bring a hanger to hang it up when you reach your destination. my mom swears by tissue paper with packing. she puts it between each layer of clothing in our suitcases to prevent wrinkling. hope i helped!!!

  • JackiesMama
    1 month ago

    I would just lay it flat. Like on the bottom or top of my luggage

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