What is Simplex, Duplex, Triplex in real estate?

From a payment table for an apartment community, I came across these terms. What do they mean?

And what’s the diff. between a 3 bedroom simplex and a 3 bedroom duplex?

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  • JustMe
    1 month ago

    Simplex-Single family home (only one family in the building), Duplex-2 family home (separated by walls, but in the same building), and Triplex- 3 family home (again separated by walls, but in the same building)

    In a 3 bedroom simplex your family would be all alone in the house, and in a 3 bedroom duplex you would share a building with another family, but everything would be separated by walls and you would have separate utilities.

  • lohr
    4 days ago

    Simplex Vs Duplex

  • Clement
    6 days ago







    Garden Cottage


  • ixcotoyac
    5 days ago

    Simplex Definition

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