What is Santa’s REAL address for the USA?

A REAL address that YOU have used before and it has worked. And only answer if you believe in Santa. I don’t want answers saying he”s fake.


I mean a MAIL address NOT EMAIL.

I mean a MAIL address NOT EMAIL.

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  • Somebody Told Me
    1 month ago

    He doesn’t live in the USA silly. His address is

    Santa Claus

    The North Pole

    (Opitional: 123 Candy Cane Lane)

  • beich
    5 days ago

    What Is Santa Clauses Address

  • Tracy
    1 month ago

    Santa Claus, Indiana! I have not used this myself, but it’s very popular and IS the real deal.


    EDIT: Seriously, thumbs down? I’m the only one who actually answered the question with a place in the US that will send a letter and doesn’t charge a fee. Sheesh, must be some Santa haters out there!

  • BtonJay
    1 month ago

    Please mail your letters, pictures, drawings and requests to Santa Claus anytime of the year.

    Santa‘s address is:

    North Polar – Santa Claus P.O. Box 56099 North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099

  • j
    6 days ago


  • -Emily; <3
    1 month ago

    and how old are you…?

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