what is my avon district number my zip code is 30534?

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  • AVON Dawn (click here)
    1 month ago

    If you signed up with Avon with a local Representative you would have received a copy of your contract. In the top right hand corner is your district number. If you signed up online you should have received an email with your account number and district number.

    The District number for zip code 30534 is 1584.

  • Brandtr
    6 days ago

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    what is my avon district number my zip code is 30534?

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  • ?
    5 days ago

    did you know that if you count it up, you will spend more money rep’ing them then earning $? That is a fact. and never ever buy inventory to show to others. Make a level above you do that. if they order you to buy anything that you sell, walk away. AND of course, you know that AVON just declared Bankruptcy and was bought by its biggest competitor!?

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  • Zachary
    6 days ago

    how about 21158

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