what is masungit in english?

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  • obet_dionisio
    1 month ago

    “Masungit” is a common Pilipino term for people who is easily angered, irritable or ill-tempered. Sometimes, it also refers to sudden change of mood from being nice to something unreasonable. A person termed “masungit” could also be someone hard to understand. Of course, it also means the slang words “crabby and cranky” as given by a previous commenter.

  • rappa
    5 days ago

    Masungit In English

  • Rain
    1 month ago

    A Filipino insult.

  • Megan
    1 month ago

    Google it.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


  • YMpromptu
    1 month ago

    crabby or cranky ” )

  • ambitiouzzz…
    1 month ago


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