what is glycerine??and does it have any connection with pork??

I am a vegetarian..

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  • Rachael
    1 month ago

    Glycerin may or may not be derived from animals. Unless it is stated in the ingredients that it is from plants (or is synthetic), unfortunately, it probably isn’t. If you’re really curious, you can contact the company but sometimes, they won’t even know which… =/

    Lame enough, it can be hidden in food, candy (such as gum) or beauty products, random things you wouldn’t expect.

    While vegan’s can/shouldn’t consume or use things containing glycerin, as a vegetarian you may if you wish.

    EDIT: Often glycerin, like other odd & random animal byproducts, is a mix. The first and second sites listed in “sources” have lists of products supposedly containing the glycerin(e) from pigs… Not sure how accurate it is, though, sorry. Type Ctrl+F “glycerin” and you’ll find the spot(s).

  • prettysmartideas
    1 month ago

    Glycerine can be of animal or vegetable origin.

    The easy way to know is if the product says it is Vegetable Glycerine. Vegetable glycerine products will say so.

    Wikipedia says:

    “A water clear, odorless, viscous liquid with a sweet taste, glycerin is derived from both natural and petrochemical feedstocks. It occurs in combined form (triglycerides) in all animal fats and vegetable oils and constitutes, on average, about 10 percent of these materials. Glycerin is obtained from fats and oils during soap and fatty acid production and by transesterification (an interchange of fatty acid groups with another alcohol). It is subsequently concentrated and purified prior to commercial sale. Synthetic glycerin is produced from petrochemical building blocks via several processing steps designed to achieve the desired concentration and high product quality. Glycerin, whether recovered from triglycerides or synthesized, is principally used as a highly refined and purified product, with a very high concentration of glycerol.”

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Glycerin is usually derived from animal fat unless the ingredients say vegetable glycerin or the package says “no animal ingredients”. As for the pig connection…I’m not sure. Most animal fats are derived from pork and cattle production though.

    Glycerin. Glycerol.

    A byproduct of soap manufacture (normally uses animal fat). In cosmetics, foods, mouthwashes, chewing gum, toothpastes, soaps, ointments, medicines, lubricants, transmission and brake fluid, and plastics. Derivatives: Glycerides, Glyceryls, Glycreth-26, Polyglycerol. Alternatives: vegetable glycerin—a byproduct of vegetable oil soap. Derivatives of seaweed, petroleum.

  • tilly
    1 month ago

    The other answers tell you what it is, but I think perhaps it is gelatin that has the connection to pork, not glycerin.

  • te144
    1 month ago

    Sugar alcohol. Approx. $6.00/lb. whse. Can be derived from pork. Not in a dieter’s repertoire

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