What is electric personality?

What is the meaning of electric personality? I’ve only came across this ‘electric personality’ when someone used it to describe me and I’ve totally no idea what it means! I know a lot of you might be laughing so hard when you saw my question. I’m laughing at myself too, for being so ignorant. lol

That’s alright I don’t mind it at all bcoz I’ll never learn and know if I do. 😉

I’ll be very grateful if anyone could give me an ans. Tks!

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  • Namito
    10 hours ago

    Electric personality means you are very outgoing, personable, and command attention when you walk into a room. It is positive, basically. I’m not really sure I’ve heard that used, except in talking about people who present at conferences, and are good at marketing. That must be what it means.

    Are you sure they didn’t say eclectic, that means you are unusual person, that you have various strengths and some are a little strange.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    WTH is an electric personality? Charismatic or hyper? I’d not like to have an annoying personality. I infuriate enough people already. It’s not that I’m mean. It’s that I’m different. And the people who end up hating me are the ones who claim that they can’t be shocked. Tough luck. Hehheh…whadayouknow? I DO have an ELECTRIC personality. Oh and btw, I am 29 years old but people think I’m “jail bait”.

  • holly
    10 hours ago

    Something shocking.

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