what is charmagaz ?

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  • Iram
    1 month ago

    Char Magaz is a combination of four seeds/nuts: Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Cantaloupe Seeds and Water melon seeds. This is believed that ingestion of this combination results in brain development and rejuvenation. This is primarily used in Rajasthan area. Char Magaz is used to make Thandaii, Bhang, as well as sweets. Char Magaz is also consumed by nursing mothers in the belief that essentials will be passed through milk to babies for their brain development. There may be some truth to this. Almonds and Pumpkin seeds are high in fatty acids that are good for building and maintain parts of the brain.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Melon Seeds In Hindi

  • sendthil
    1 month ago

    dried melon seeds. U could see them mixed with some south indian suparis or some marwari farsan too. Charmagaz along with kaju kanni is used to form the base of all major gravies in indian cuisine.

  • Milorad
    6 days ago


  • Smurfetta
    1 month ago

    Charmagaz (dried melon seeds) can be used to add flavour and a bit of ‘crunch’ to a range of mithai (sweets) such as badam, pista, and khaju…

  • bestof me
    1 month ago

    melon seeds,for cutting the cost of food instead of cashewnut they use the melon seeds.

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