What is a SPDIF Pin do on a PC motherboard?

I have a Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Motherboard and I have no video on screen, I was looking around and I found this SPDIF pin, theres 2 pins and underneath it says SPDIF_0 , what does it mean and will it fix my problem if i add something to join them together?

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  • Andrew R
    1 month ago

    SPDIF is for audio output. has nothing to do with video.

    do not short them together with a jumper.

    check your video card instead. if using onboard video try unplugging AC power from the system for 5 minutes. then remove your CMOS battery from the systemboard (looks like a quarter) and leave battery out for another 5 minutes. put battery back in. put power back on and power system back up.

    good luck.

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