What is a phobia of pipes called?

Ok so this is a little weird i suppose but i have like the biggest phobia of piping and plumbing ever! Like i hate things like boilers and under the sink and water tanks and inside the toilet and *shudders* like once my dad was having the bathroom made over and i had to take a bath, and absoutble EVERYTHIBG was exposed. The pipes connectig the toilet, pipes for the sink, THE FREAKIN WATER TANK, the boiler.. even the side panel of the bath. And it was just absoutbley awful.

So what im woundering is, what causes this? I kinda have an idea that its that dull dingey kinda black,brown and grey color that doesnt really help. If eveything was crystal clean and like neon yellow and turquoise i think i wouldnt mind. And also whats the name of it?

Thank you xxx

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    its just pipe phobia. it doesnt have a technical term b/c it’s so uncommon.

  • nicole
    5 days ago

    Oh my gosh!!! I have the same phobia! As well as toilets and toilets tanks! They’re a big no no.

  • Pandora
    4 days ago

    oh lordy…i am not the only one…it should have a name tho..jussayin..~pam~

  • DG
    6 days ago

    I m not the only one??!

    Biggest. Phobia. EVER!

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