what is a lawn-4 pack deal at ticket masters/?

im tryig to buy some tickets for a concert at the woodlands and they have this lawn-4pack i just didnt know if that meant 4 tickets for the price of one

3 Answers

  • Darryl b
    1 month ago

    kinda like that but it may be sectioned off in quads and the purchase is for groups of 4. some times they have stuff like vip sections that are grouped in accomidations equal to seating 4 people. the jazz festival was like that if i am correct. the lawn part may not mean you are on the lawn but close to the lawn.

  • kunzie
    4 days ago

    i’m getting 4 tickets!! i might sell 2 of the tickets on E-bay with the money I make i can get tickets to the different interest. this manner i’m getting to work out the two New England vs Indianapolis and Dallas VS Greenbay. while 4 of the terrific Quarterback are enjoying i does not want to omit the two interest. So happy we are living and a capitalist society.

  • Dead Fish
    1 month ago

    not for the price of one.

    that much i know.

    ..and ticketmaster sux.

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