What happens if you eat citrus fruits and dairy products?

I heard that eating citrus and dairy makes you get constipated, but you won’t be able to “excrete”.

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  • the cynical chef
    1 month ago

    Nothing. But i like the potato answer!!

  • Ashok
    7 days ago

    The best way to find out is to try. Milk by default curdles in your stomach. The stomach does a similar process of extracting cheese from milk. If the stomach doesnt do it, then you have a weak stomach. Some of the answers are extreme but


    If you mix citrux and milk before consuming you will see exactly what will happen after cosuming. The stomach splits or curdles the milk even if consmed on its own..If it doesnt it breaks it down to waste….i doesnt rot or there is no rotting / decaying process…

  • Mark
    1 month ago

    I am no scientist, nor a doctor, but I have eaten citrus fruits with a glass of milk for breakfast as a matter of routine. I don’t mix them prior to eating, but I do eat them at the same meal. I have never suffered consequences of any kind.


  • itry007
    1 month ago

    These are not good foods to combine. It takes a certain kind of enzyme to digest proteins (milk), and a completely different enzyme to digest citrus. The body gets confused and the digestion process is slowed, therefore milk curdles in the stomach, and the rotting process begins. This causes gas and bloating, and constipation or diahrrea as the rotting milk goes all the way through your digestive system.

  • Selly
    1 month ago

    Just dont mix citrus with dairy befor digesting because the milk will go rotton yuck.

  • Lyn K
    1 month ago

    absolutely nothing!people have had a bowl of cheerios and a glass of oj @ brkfst for ever,and nothing is wrong with them.just dont pour the juice into the milk,it will curdle and look gross!!!nor will it taste good-but it still cant hurt u!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    umm eww lol but i live in florida and i eat citrus all the time ;]]

  • raj k
    1 month ago

    Mix lemon and milk and you know the result. It will curdle …

    Then deduce …

  • Khatima G
    1 month ago

    you will have a real bad stomach ache never try it

  • Cindi
    1 month ago

    potatoes will grow from your ears

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