what happens if I use wd40 on spark plug wires?

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  • Stpaulguy
    6 days ago

    WD-40 is a lubricating oil. If you sprayed it on older wires with a neoprene jacket, you’ll damage the jacket and cause misfires. If the wires have a silicone jacket, it won’t hurt. ….but it certainly won’t help.

    There is NO reason to ever spray anything on spark plug wires. If you’re having wet weather problems, buy new wires. Period.

  • Some Old Geezer
    6 days ago

    It will help the wires to repel water which is a common source of problems. Breakdown services often do this when eliminating causes of breakdowns. At least, that used to be the case with older cars. I think new cars have more water resistance designed into their electrics so the old WD40 trick is needed less often now.

  • Q
    6 days ago

    Well I watched my brother in law pull a can of WD40 out when his car wouldn’t start.

    drowned the ignition system and cranked it over….

    well it did start,

    and his thinking,

    if you can call it that,

    was more is better,

    So he sprayed a load onto the running engine and whoosh!!

    fire ball as high as his head!!

    He jumped back about 6 feet and looked at me,

    “what the hell was that!”

    Almost the end of your car was my reply,

  • ?
    6 days ago

    They’d get wet. Why would you want to spray anything on spark plug wires?

  • thebax2006
    6 days ago

    Why mess around? If the plug wires are that bad that they need to be sprayed to stop arcing it’s time you replace them.

  • mdk68gto, ase certified m tech
    6 days ago

    you get a misfire. spark will actually leak out of the wire and that is a true term for the event. the loss of spark leaves you with a miss.

  • Country Boy
    6 days ago

    WD-40 is a petroleum lubricant. Petroleum rots rubber products. Pure Silicone Spray does not damage rubber hoses and insulation.

  • Guido Sarducci
    6 days ago

    You will be destined to live on Funk and Wagnalls door step for eternity. I mean what kind of cockamamie question is this anyway,I think your brain is rusty from lack of use….

  • monte
    6 days ago

    It will displace any water on them. It will evaporate quickly as the engine warms to operating temperature.

  • Robert M
    6 days ago

    DONT! It is VERY FLAMMABLE and does NOTHING for contact! Use DIELECTRIC GREASE< but power wash engine FIRST with GUNK ORANGE! It can cause FIRE and burn up your engine bay quickly!

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