What happens at the end of the film ‘Girl in the park’?

I watched the film called ‘Girl in the park’ last night, I really loved it but I missed the end. Has anybody seen it and can tell me if Louise was her daughter at the end or not? Did she have a scare at her leg like Maggie? Silly question, but I am curious. thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    same here! i really wanna know too, but i think she wasn’t as she didn’t have the scar but it was so hard to tell, good movie but rubbish ending i think, hope someone answers who knows!

  • ?
    5 days ago

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  • VrooperTroop
    4 days ago

    The clue is in the movie title which can refer to the girl who disappeared or to the woman with long brown hair who sits besides Julia on the bench to her right at the park prior to the kidnapping four minuts into the movie. The “girl in the park” is who stole Maggie. She is the same woman as seen in Maggie s (Louise s) photo of her and her “mother” and brother which she puts in the photo album four minutes before the movie ends.

    Th other clue is the icy-like Julia is prompted to protect what would otherwise be a total stranger she followed into the drugstore when Maggie stole the sunglasses, as she was prompted by the mother in her, she was too otherwise distant to just take such special interest.

    Birthmarks are not permanent as far as possibility of removal after the fact, so the lack of the birthmark is as easy as changing a name. The other clue is “Louise” brother called her Maggie. But if you compare the same woman in the park at the start of the movie, and the one in the family photo at the end, you can see it is the same woman, and why Maggie isMaggie in both photos.

    Maggie also has the daughters “6th sense” when she puts the photo in her real mother s album, she is not crazy or overly sympathetic, they were drawn to each other.

  • dea
    5 days ago

    Maybe I’ve missed some scene, but I think that she is the Julia`s daughter, because in the last scene of the movie Louise takes out from her purse one old, yellou picture of her lost family and we see that Julia is on the picture.

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