What happened to Dressupchallenge.com?

I used to play this game a while ago and I decided to start playing again but the website doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    that’s long gone.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    They replaced Dressup Challenge and RoiWorld with a dressup game called SweetyGame. I used to use Sweetygame until I realized the meaning behind “Loli” games. Loli is short for Lolita. A Lolita is an underaged girl who dresses or behaves provocatively to entice older men. I couldn’t still play that game in good conscience knowing they’re promoting pedophilia. And some of the outfits they have are quite inappropriate and you can tell the “dressup model” is supposed to be no older than 15 in a lot of the games.

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