What Happened In The Last Episode of Romantic Princess?

Please, can anyone help me! I’m an English Speaker, and I have no idea what happened!!! It would also be helpful if you could give a full summary of what happened from episode 8-12! (Thought I’d be content knowing just the ending!)

Please help me, I’d really much appreciate it!!!


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  • ◘Wench◘
    1 month ago

    Like you, I’m also an English speaker, hehe. I just read the comments of the viewers that are posted at Youtube. It seems that Emp got really sick and I don’t think he’s pretending this time. Jin, Xiao Mei, Cai and that girl (forgot her name but she was the one who pretended to be the long-lost heiress but was actually conniving with Emp) got out from the mansion to try living and fending for themselves. Jin actually got a job as a construction worker.

    RP actually has 13 episodes in all and the last episode will be shown Sunday night in Taiwan. But I saw the Episode 13 preview and it seems that Xiao Mei will leave the country (it looks like she’s going to Brazil to her “parents”). Emp looked like he got well since he was at the airport with Xiao Mei and then there’s this scene of Jin going to the airport in a hurry, as if he wanted to catch Xiao Mei before she boards the flight.

    Oh well, I guess we have to check Youtube on Monday night to see what is really the ending of RP, based on the comments of the viewers, as well as our interpretations of the scenes.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Romantic Princess Episode 13

  • ?
    5 days ago

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