What font is used for the Age Uk Logo?

Is there anywhere I can find out the logo guidelines?

I need to add a town name next to the logo but I’m not sure which font to use.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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  • HMFan
    9 days ago

    Have you been retained/commissioned by ageUK to do this? If so, they should have a Graphic Standards And Usage Manual addressing issues like color, size, scaling, placement, etc.

    I do ont know what font is used though it somewhat resembles Myriad though I know that’s incorrect. Try submitting the type to www.whatthefont.com and see if it can’t be identified. Once you know the name, check to see if it has a serifed counterpart and use that for the city name. (That would be my recommendation but I see that the city names DO use a specific typeface which differs from the main logotype. Compare the lowercase “a” and “e” and you’ll see what I mean.) In searching for this logo online I see that the standardized placement for city names is above and to the right of the logo. In my personal opinion, I think the city name typesize is too large and competes with the main logo. I would opt to make it smaller and tuck it into the space to the right of the loop of the “g” and under the “e UK.”

    Hope this helps.

  • rosenzweig
    4 days ago

    Foco Typeface

  • Tim D
    9 days ago

    Age UK uses a customised cut of Foco by Dalton Maag, it is not commercially available.

    This seems to be where and how a town name is added.


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