What episodes of Family Guy are these on?

You know where Lois says “Chris, that’s a terrible word. B/o/o/b/y, n/i/p/p/l/e/, p/u/s/s/y/w/i/l/l/o/w/.”

I know one of them is the one where he is in the republican club thing.

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  • jebster
    1 month ago

    “Brian: Portrait of a Dog” Season 1 Episode 7

    Chris: I think I saw of her n/i/p/p/l/e/s.

    Lois: Chris that’s a terrible word. N/i/p/p/l/e. I’ll chalk that up to the heat mister

    “Holy Crap” Season 2 Episode 2

    Chris: Is he the one that smells like firewood and has big gray p/u/s/s/y/w/i/l/l/o/w/s in his ears?

    Lois: Chris, that’s a terrible word! “P/u/s/s/y/w/i/l/l/o/w/s.”

    “Death is a B*tch” Season 2 Episode 6

    Chris: Oh, cause he’s got a lump on his b/o/o/b/y!

    Lois: Chris, that’s a terrible word! “B/o/o/b/y.”

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