What does “you constantly struggle for self improvement – and it shows.” mean?

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  • Anonymous
    8 days ago


    It means that the person who said it may not be mean, just lacking in skill of expression.

  • imrt70
    8 days ago

    It means “Stop being fake”

    Look in the mirror, and start loving the real you.

    The fact that “and it shows”, means that the person targeted is probably constantly complaining about their physical appearance, or, they know they’re doing stuff that’s wrong, they do it any way, and then they complain that they should have known better after the fact.

  • Hi
    8 days ago

    You are struggling and getting no where. All the struggling is showing with no improvement. It is a kind of insult.

  • David
    8 days ago

    It means you have been insulted beyond all toleration. If somebody has said this to you it’s a piece of verbal aggression that equals a punch in the balls.

    Plan revenge.

  • Paradox
    8 days ago

    That you’re constantly trying to change yourself for the better and it’s evident that you’re struggling in trying to achieve that.

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