what does yo gotti mean by bm ?

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  • Ashley Villa
    5 days ago

    He does say BM lol and yes he does say DM as well mostly by that’s the point of this song but someone above these comments did gotti said it means BMW In a show.so it’s probly that or something to do with body or booty lol

  • isabel
    5 days ago

    Yo gotti refers to BM for BMW cars.. He explained it on The Real Show

  • Erika
    5 days ago

    What Does Bm Mean

  • undecided
    5 days ago

    I wonder if yo gotti knows “bm” stands for bowel movement in the medical field. I can’t take this song seriously lol

  • Irena
    5 days ago

    Ima hit yo gotti in a dm and ask him what’s a bm….

  • Kiki
    5 days ago

    Lol I seen yo girl post a BM ( BM= break up message) so he hit her in her DM

  • Mr.
    5 days ago

    He only says BM……W once, all the other times he just says BM….. I think it’s booty meat. Dang somebody should ask yo gotti…lol

  • cameron
    5 days ago

    First off its not Bm its Dm’s meaning direct messages in this case

  • Crazy
    5 days ago

    BM = BMW listen to the song and watch the video. He says “W” in and background voice and the video has the girl posting a pic before a BM-w

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    What Is A Bm

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