what does xlx mean in algebra? i am home schooled and can not find the answer anywhere.?

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  • madamsmall
    1 month ago

    It’s the beginning of a set using set builder notation. The line means “such that”.

    {x | x is a month that begins with J}

    would be read: “x, such that, x is a month that begins with J.

  • Ashley
    8 days ago

    I know it’s late, but this might be helpful to others….

    Set Builder Notation: Because x ≤ 14 is an inequality with infinitely many solutions and is not itself a set of solutions, a notation called Set Builder Notation has been devised for writing solutions to an inequality as a set. For example, the solution set consisting of “all real numbers x such that x is less than or equal to 14,” can be written as {x l x ≤ 14}. The vertical line segment ” l ” is read, “such that”.

  • Ping
    1 month ago

    I don’t recognize it from algebra, but in statistics, | means ‘given that’ – P(A|B) is the probability that event A happens given that event B happens. It is therefore defined as the number of times B intersects (is true as well as) A out of all the number of times A is true.

    I would ignore the x’s and go back looking for the | operator. It means something else in computer programing, and might also be used in logic.

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